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Praise for Red and the City

We were blown away by this beautiful book. Such beautiful illustrations, and a brilliant take on a classic tale! We are all in love with the book. From the wolfish presence on every page, to Red’s slightly glazed stare as she’s drawn into all the big city has to offer, every page offers so much detail to the reader.
Leeds School Library Services

A metaphorical masterpiece that we should all take heed of.
Katie Weymouth, Illustrator/Creator of “Audrey the Amazing Inventor

I adore this fresh take on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Told with style and adventure, Marie Voigt’s Red and the City is adorable.

Red and the City is different. Really different. This gorgeous picture book debut, written and illustrated masterfully by Marie Voigt, took me completely by surprise. True enough, it is a version of Little Red Riding Hood, however it is bigger than that, it is a story of resilience and the power of following your heart, even when big, bad things try to swallow you up. Providing a multitude of opportunities to broach challenging questions whilst enjoying a fantastic story, Red and the City is a perfect addition to the Little Red Riding Hood literary canon. If you want a truly original take on this traditional tale, look no further.
Laura Lodge, Education Consultant, One Education

Red and the City is the most beautiful retelling of a classic tale I have read so far.
Naseeba Alozaibi, Instagram Picture Book Reviewer

Fresh, different and provocative, the book comes just in time to remind us that the wolves in life are not always human … What I liked the most is the author’s idea that we all live in wolf city, but only we can choose what to do in it … It’s already listed in my favourite readings column and I want to read it to all parents … It is a great gift for fairytale lovers, fans of fine illustrations, and anyone who sometimes loses sight of the heart flower path. But it is mostly for our children who have the right to be prepared for the world.
Detskiknigi.com, Leading Children’s Book Review Website, Bulgaria

Stylish, wise and cleverly created, this is the perfect book to share and enjoy with your little ones.
Lancashire Post

I reckon teachers and children alike will gobble this one up!
Tony West, The Alligator’s Mouth, Children’s Bookshop

Red and the City’s modern take on a well loved classic is sure to capture the interest of any reader. Coupled with bold illustrations, Red and the City is set to be a classic in its own right.
Natasha Radford, Chicken and Frog Bookshop

What a beautiful book.
Neil Grosvenor, Children’s Book Buyer, Blackwells High Holborn

Had the pleasure of sharing an advance copy of this gorgeous book by Marie Voigt at our teachers training. All the attendees loved it! Such an unexpectedly different interpretation of a classic tale. Great opportunities for inference as well as building empathy.
Laura Lodge, Education Consultant, One Education

A striking alternative tale.
Picture Books Blogger

Love Red and the City. It’s an amazing book with a fantastic twist on the traditional tale, with beautiful illustrations to capture the reader’s imagination. I look forward to adding it to my collection.
Kate Will, Teacher and English Lead, St Wilfrid’s C of E Primary School

Love this twist on Little Red Riding Hood. A great little tale about not giving into temptations. It’s absolutely brilliant. Fantastic art and a wonderful twist on the tale.
Simon Smith, Primary School Principal, Children’s Book Reviewer and Education Influencer

This looks beautiful.
Cerrie Burnell, Former CBeebies Presenter

Absolutely amazing book. A class read.
Paul Watson, Teacher

Love this book. Very clever take on safety and valuing what really matters! Great for discussions with young readers and lots of fun spotting the lurking wolf …
Creative Learning Services

This contemporary telling of the traditional tale is, can you believe, Marie Voigt’s picture book debut and what a delicious one it is.
Red Reading Hub

A great book – lots of potential to use throughout the school
Jo Gray, Head of School Development & Literacy Specialist, One Education

Red and the City is an incredible book!
Zoe Armstrong, Writer & Winner of the SCBWI Slush Pile Challenge

Where to buy

The book is available worldwide and in several languages in all good bookshops and online booksellers. If you like the book, I would appreciate a review on whatever site you bought it from. Many thanks!

Book Summary

Red is finally old enough to go into the city on her own. One day, she sets off with her trusty dog Woody to visit Grandma. But will she stick to the path laid out for her? Like all children, and indeed everyone, Red must find her own way and discover what matters most.

This stylish and beautiful book is the perfect gift.

Published by Oxford University Press
Age 5-99 | 270x230mm | 32 pages
HB 978-0-19-276774-5 | RRP £11.99
PB 978-0-19-276687-8 | RRP £6.99

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